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City to City Tesla Ride

CHANGED  "in a Tesla" to  "Tesla Ride"

#1 -Ride is great Action word. 
#2 "in a Tesla" could interpret as them driving... Tesla Ride is simplest expression of what we are and what we want people to think) 

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Thanks to our customers for trusting us with 1,000+ rides!

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ElecTrip clients increase 
productivity by 3+ hours each trip. With fast WiFi and lapdesks, they have a private office on wheels. 

“What was really nice was, the whole trip, I was able to work. It was uninterrupted time.”

Adam Harrison - HR @Shell

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electrip logo (1).png

ElecTrip is 60% less than flights.
One flat rate for the whole Tesla makes it excellent for teams.

“Like a professional limo that's actually cost-competitive with all other travel options - driving, luxury buses, and flying. And especially competitive for two or more!

Mike Hatchell - Attorney @Haynes&Boone

(Ride - Action word. 
plus Ride Relax sounds great.) 

Ride in the safest vehicles
with the safest drivers.
Relax or work without worry. 

Most efficient way to get city to city in Texas - even for pets!”

Rachel Holtin - Founder of @Austinfoodstagram

electrip logo (1).png

Absolutely love this.  Those Names are FIRE. Awesome

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