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Your Safety

At ElecTrip, our number one priority is to get you to your destination safely. We want you to feel comfortable and secure for the entire route. Whether its going with family or visting relatives, our promise is to make sure we take every precaution possible to minimize any instance of the transmission of the virus. We’ve published our detailed and comprehensive plan here.


Personal Protective Equipment

Every ride we provide hand sanitizers, wipes, and PPE to our riders and drivers.

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Ongoing Driver Testing

We test our drivers every week and temperature checks are conducted every ride.

Deep Cleaning
and Air Filters

All drivers are required to follow a 12 step process to deep clean the car before every ride. All surfaces are disinfected and at request, we can establish a barrier between you and the driver.

Tesla also has a feature called “Bioweapon Defense Mode” that uses HEPA filters capable of capturing particles as small as 3 microns and cleans the air to hospital-grade within minutes.

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