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Earn $125+ For One Ride

Earn an entire day's wage in just one ride with Electrip.


Join over a hundred happy drivers!

Predictable Rates

Electrip's rates do not fluctuate. They stay steady which means your income is predictable.

Less Rides, More Money

By choosing to do longer rides, you will have more ride time and less waiting.

Less Hassle

Instead of using your car, you use one of ours! This means no maintenance, no gas and no hassle.


Earn More And Work Less

 By using our vehicles and driving long distances, you can earn more on one trip with ElecTrip then a whole day driving shorter distances.

Save Money And Use Our Cars

Avoid spending hundreds of dollars on gas and use our cars! ElecTrip provides you with a car for each trip to help you save money.


Consistently Earn More

The price you get paid does not fluctuate or drop! All drivers get paid a predictable fixed rate for each ride.

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