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FAQs: Drivers

Is ElecTrip hiring part-time or full-time drivers?

Right now, we are only looking for part-time drivers who have flexible schedules. We ideally want drivers who can be on call for any immediate bookings. Hours can be anywhere from 10-30 total hours per week right now.

I have no experience driving for Uber or Lyft.

May I still apply to drive with ElecTrip?

Yes! It is not limited to anyone and we highly encourage you to still apply to drive for ElecTrip. Experience is preferred, however.

I have no experience driving a Tesla or electric vehicle. Can I still apply to drive with ElecTrip?

Yes! We train all drivers that onboard with us and once you are interviewed, you will be given information on how to use our vehicles.

How much will I be paid to drive?

Driver rates range anywhere between $15-20 depending on demand, region, supply, etc. Drivers are also tipped well on our platform. Remember that you will not be using your own personal vehicle (unless you want to loan out your Tesla and drive), so you will not have to pay for depreciation on your vehicle. 

Do I need my own Tesla to drive with ElecTrip?

No, you definitely do not have to own a Tesla to drive for ElecTrip. If you are a Tesla owner and you would like to drive your personal vehicle, check out our FAQs for Tesla Owners, or contact us at

I applied to be a driver. What's next?

You will be contacted by someone at ElecTrip for a phone interview or an in person interview. This is less of an interview and more of a conversation for you to ask questions and get accustomed to ElecTrip's expectations and driver program.

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