ElecTrip | FAQs for Riders

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Do I get the full vehicle to myself?

Yes, for the price you pay, you'll be getting the whole entire vehicle-- whether it's for yourself or you and family/colleagues/coworkers.

There's a route that I want to take that's not available on the book now page. What do I do?

Customers can request a quote after putting in their ride information on the book now page. We will respond within 2 hours of the request with a quote.

I have a question or want to make a comment. How do I reach ElecTrip?

You can call us at 281-783-9579, email us at contact@electrip.us, or fill out our contact form. We are based in Texas (Central Time Zone), so please call us at a reasonable time. We'll respond to emails within an hour! 

I want the company I work for to start using ElecTrip. Is there a corporate or firm subscription/discount?

Yes! We can definitely work out a corporate rate for any company that has employees traveling frequently in between cities. Send us an email and we'll provide you with our corporate opportunities.

How late can I book a trip with ElecTrip?

Customers are allowed to book a trip up to 14 hours before the pickup time.

How do I ask a question about your accessible travel service?

ElecTrip can provide a wheelchair accessible vehicle with 48 hours notice for any traveler who intends to travel in a wheeled mobility device.  Please contact ElecTrip at 281.783.9579 so that we may assist you in scheduling your travel. 

Any person who believes that he/she has been discriminated against or denies full participation in transportation on the basis of disability by ElecTrip may file an ADA complain.

ADA complaints may be submitted to the ADA Complaint Officer as follows: 

    By Mail:     Attn: Mr. Mandeep Patel


                      1313 Main Street

                      Houston, Tx, 77002

    By E-mail: contact@electrip.us

    By Phone: 281.783.9579

ElecTrip investigates all ADA complaints received within 90 days of the alleged incident.  ADA complaints may be submitted to ElecTrip via e-mail, phone, or US mail.

The complaint should include: 

- Your name, mailing address, telephone number, and email address.

- How, why, and when you believe you were discriminated against.  Include as much specific, detailed information as possible about the alleged discriminatory act, and any other relevant information. 

- The names and contact information for any persons, if known, whom the company could contact for clarity of your allegations. 

Upon receipt of an ADA complaint, ElecTrip will review the submitted information and send the complainant an acknowledgment letter informing them whether or not the complaint will be investigated as an ADA complaint.

ElecTrip may require up to 30 calendar days to investigate a complaint.  If additional information is required to resolve the complaint, ElecTrip may contact the complainant.  The complainant will have 10 business days from the date of the letter to submit the requested information to the Electrip official investigating the complaint.  If the ElecTrip investigator is not contacted by the complainant or does not receive the additional information within 10 business days, ElecTrip has the right to administratively close the alleged case.  A case can also be administratively closed.