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FAQs: Tesla Owners

I want to rent out my Tesla to ElecTrip's fleet.

What does the process look like?

The process is pretty simple-- fill out the form on our fleet page, and we'll reach out to you providing more details within a reasonable time frame. If you live in Dallas, Austin, or Houston and would like to add your Tesla to our fleet, let us know!

Can I drive my own Tesla?

Yes! If you are interested in driving your own Tesla for ElecTrip, we encourage you to apply. Fill out the form on our fleet page, and we'll get back to you soon!

Does ElecTrip have preference between the Tesla models?

We prefer that the Tesla that you're loaning out to us is Long Range, but if your vehicle has a range of at least 200 miles, please still reach out and fill out the form!

How often will my Tesla be used by ElecTrip?

That is completely up to you. You can set your hours on when we use your Tesla. If this is something you want done only on the weekends, only during work hours, we can work it out!

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