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Let Your Tesla Make You Money

Share your car with professionally trained drivers!


Simply fillout what days your car is available and we’ll do all the work of picking it up in the morning and dropping it back off in the evening. A typical rental lasts around 6 - 12 hours.


We pay by the mile based on your vehicle type so that we properly compensate you for usage. Never worry about getting underpaid. Check out our rate table here.

Vehicle Safety and Insurance

All of our drivers are professionally trained, vetted, and undergo a minimum of 10+ hours of Tesla Training. We are covered under State Farm and take full liability for your vehicle. We also cover smaller damage like scratches on wheels. For a full list, check it out here.


Tired of renters treating your Tesla poorly?

ElecTrip is the only company that has drivers specifically trained on Teslas to ensure minimal issues and proper operations. Combined with our insurance policy, rest assured that your car is in good hands.

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