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Take Your Time Back!

ElecTrip saves frequent travelers 30 hours average every month!

Like you, we were tired of scheduling around strict departure times, stressed missing meetings due to flight delays, and annoyed driving in traffic.

ElecTrip was created to be the most cost-effective, comfortable, and convenient travel solution.

Faster Door-to-Door at Anytime

ElecTrip works on your schedule - at any time*.  With complete flexibility, schedule a 6 AM meeting or attend a 6 PM happy-hour knowing ElecTrip will get you home safe.
*Book 12 hours in advance, any time of day.

Average Time Wasted

Get from office to client without closing your laptop. All ElecTrip rides have 5G Wi-Fi hotspots and laptop charging to help you be more productive. With the entire vehicle to yourself, you and your team can talk freely to close that next deal or win the case. Our drivers are also under NDA as another layer of security.

Your Private Office on Wheels

From office to client without closing your laptop, ElecTrip has 5G Wi-Fi and laptop charging.

With the entire Tesla to yourself and drivers under NDA, you and your team can talk freely to close your deal or win your case.

Safety is Our #1 Priority

All drivers have professionally driven 1,000+ hours. ElecTrip limits driving hours and monitors behavior. We also monitor your Tesla's charge to ensure you get to your destination without worry. 

Corporate Advantages

Before ElecTrip, Shell lost $200+ and 2+ hours while releasing 140+ lbs of CO2 every trip!

For exclusive corporate rates and custom route advantages, contact us at contact@electrip.us.

Join Happy Travelers!


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