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Regain Your Time From Travel

ElecTrip saves frequent travelers an average of 30 hours every month!

Like you, we were tired of scheduling days around limited departure times; stressed missing meetings due to delayed flights; and annoyed driving early mornings around the Texas triangle. ElecTrip was created to be the most comfortable, productive travel.

Faster Door to Door at Anytime

ElecTrip works on your schedule; at any time; on any day.  With complete scheduling flexibility, you can fit in more meetings knowing that travel won’t get in the way.  Schedule a 6 AM meeting or attend a 10 PM happy hour knowing ElecTrip will pick you up.

Safety is Our #1 Priority

All drivers have professionally driven over

1,000 hours.  They take comprehensive electric vehicle classes, are monitored for driving behavior, and are limited on driving hours.  All vehicle charges are constantly monitored, to ensure you reach your destination with ample range.

You Own Private Office on Wheels

Get from office to client without closing your laptop. All ElecTrip rides have 5G Wi-Fi hotspots and laptop charging to help you be more productive. With the entire vehicle to yourself, you and your team can talk freely to close that next deal or win the case. Our drivers are also under NDA as another layer of security.

Corporate Advantages

Before partnering with ElecTrip, Shell lost 2.80 hours and $260.00 while releasing 146.00 lbs of CO2 on every business trip. For discounted rates, contact us at contact@electrip.us.

Join Happy Travellers!


Your Private Office on Wheels

From office to client without closing your laptop.  All ElecTrip's have 5G Wi-Fi and laptop charging to boost productive.  The entire vehicle to yourself, you and your team can talk freely to close that next deal or win that case. As another layer of privacy, drivers are under NDA.