Thanks to our customers for trusting us with 1,000+ rides!

ElecTrip clients increase productivity by  4 hours per trip. With high-speed Wi-Fi and lapdesks, they have a private office on wheels. 

“What was really nice for me was being able to work during that hour and a half each way,” Harrison said. “The whole time, I was working in the back seat and it was uninterrupted time.”

Adam Harrison, HR @ Shell

ElecTrip is 60% lower in cost than flights. One flat rate for the whole vehicle makes it an excellent option for teams.

"Like a professional limo that's actually cost-competitive with all other travel options-driving, luxury buses, and flying. And especially competitive for two or more!

Mike Hatchell, Attorney @ Haynes and Boone

ElecTrip uses the safest vehicles and the safest drivers-letting you relax or work without worry. 

“Most efficient way to get city to city in Texas-even for pets!”

Rachel Holtin, Founder of @Austinfoodstagram

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