Travel City to City

in the comfort of a private Tesla


Smooth transportation from door to door

ElecTrip makes travel convenient with one flat price for a private car that can seat up to 5. No extra fees for WiFi or extra luggage.



Made for the

Frequent Business Traveler

“What was really nice for me was being able to work during that hour and a half each way,” Harrison said. “The whole time, I was working in the back seat and it was uninterrupted time.”

Adam Harrison, HR @ Shell

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Designed for

Comfort and Convenience

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"Like a professional limo that's actually cost-competitive with all other travel options-driving, luxury buses, and flying. And especially competitive for two or more!

Mike Hatchell, Attorney @ Haynes and Boone

Focused on your
Safety and Health

“Most efficient way to get city to city in Texas-even for pets!”

Rachel Holtin, Founder of @Austinfoodstagram

Why ride with us?

Convenient Scheduling

Pick you up at any time and have the flexibility to delay or have rides arrive earlier by 1 hour.


Free WiFi and laptop charging in every ride. Feel free to stop at any point in the trip for a restroom break or food.

Custom Routing

No buses or planes can service your route? We provide custom travel to any city. Book by calling or emailing us your route.

COVID Safety

Consistent car cleaning and ongoing driver testing to protect your health. For our full report checkout our page on COVID.

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